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Building Company Market Value

Building market value is always a primary goal of owners and managers, but market value is always determined by the buyer, not the seller, its banker, or its accountant.  The Altus Team's extensive "buy-side" experience and market knowledge along with its deep business experience puts Altus in the best position to assist owners and executives in planning and executing growth in market value.

Work with companies to develop the key value drivers for buyers

  • Ongoing growth in revenues and profits
  • Customer base with high margins and growth opportunities
  • Diversified contract portfolio and large contract vehicles
  • Mission critical contracts with cleared staff
  • Service offerings with growing demand from customers
  • Strong business development and funded backlog

Advise owners and managers considering sale of the company

  • Exit planning process including method (sale to the market, sale to management, sale to an ESOP, etc.)
  • Strategy and timing for sale
  • Market valuation
  • Broker/banker/lawyer selection and oversight, if needed
  • Owner tax and post-sale planning


Get a full description of Altus' value building services for government contractors in Building Corporate Value Spotlight (PDF 128KB)


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