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When we launched in 2000, we believed that middle market and emerging companies were underserved by the large international consulting firms. We further believed they needed high-quality financial and managerial advisory services delivered by a trusted national institution. Experience has proven that assumption to be correct.

Our clients welcome the assistance of our experienced advisors to help them grow and succeed, whether their company's barrier is daunting strategic change, improved financing in difficult times, or "hard-to-pinpoint" improvements in internal operations. Our experienced advisors have often been in the same position of the client's senior executives and are able to give advice and suggestions that open up new opportunities.

is committed to assisting each and every client in breaking the barriers that will lead to their business success. If you have any doubts about your company's current course, please call me direct at (703) 245-6688 or email me at


John T. Schell, III

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