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When we launched Altus in 2000 as a subsidiary of a major national law firm, Holland & Knight*, we believed that small and middle market companies were underserved and needed high-quality financial and managerial advisory services. Experience has proven that assumption to be correct. Our clients welcome the assistance of experienced advisors to help them grow and build market value through strategic buy-side acquisitions or 'hard-to-pinpoint' improvements in internal operations.

The Altus success has shown that federal contractors seeking to build value through strategic acquisition of other companies need access to experienced advisors since most M&A brokers primarily sell companies and give little assistance to buyers. Realizing the need, Altus developed a broad range of buy-side services from planning an acquisition to identifying good targets, to negotiating terms, to target valuation, to closing and post-closing merger. Since that time, Altus has handled over 30 buy-side engagements. Altus' clients have ranged from four public companies with annual revenues greater than $300M to private companies with annual revenues less than $15 million.

Only Altus advises buyers and not sellers.

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Altus Associates, LLC
1934 Old Gallows Rd.
Ste. 400
Vienna, VA 22182 (map)
Phone: 703.893.6403
Fax: 703.893.6406

*As a subsidiary of Holland & Knight, Altus was known as H&K Strategic Business Solutions LLC (HKSBS).


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